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Re: Starfleet's biggest jerks?

That list really doesn't make any sense, but I'll bite.

10) Marrow- So he's a jerk for saying no when Kirk asked to go back to Genesis to retrieve Spock's corpse so they can use magic to revive him during the middle of an Interstellar crisis? Keep in mind Kirk just got back from getting his ship blasted to pieces with it's shields down, losing dozens of cadets, letting Genesis fall into the hands of a madman then losing it, and destroying Reliant. So no... Marrow's not a jerk, he's doing his job.

9) Ronald Tracey- Yeah I'll agree he has to make the list. A guy who screws up can be forgiven... a guy who doesn't acknowledge he screwed up and continues making the same mistake again and again can't. Especially when he's looking out for number one the whole time.

8) Alynna Nechayev- Ah, admiral ballbuster... yeah I'd have to agree she makes the list. Don't get me wrong, she's not a bad person and she's very good at what she does. She just has zero tolerance for bs, it's her way and you'll learn to like it. It's good to see a strong and dominant female in the mostly male dominated world of Trek. Picard does manage to get her to reveal a soft side by blatantly sucking up to her.

7) Peter Harkins- No. The guy who put him on this list must be a huge Barclay fan or something because there's zero reason to put him on there. The guy went out of his way to be nice to Barclay, to be his friend and invited him into his home and even let him date his sister. He only came down on Barclay when he was obviously suffering from his holoaddiction again and was blatantly disobeying orders. This guy was the epitome of patience in dealing with Barclay's eccentric personality. A jerk? Hardly.

6) Commander Shelby- A jerk? Sure... you are a class one jerk when you come in blatantly gunning for another's job, going out of your way to make him look bad, and disregarding the chain of command whenever it suited you. That doesn't excuse Riker for falling to her level and getting his panties in a knot whenever she was around. He's supposed to be the senior man setting an example in the face of stupidity. Shelby's a jerk, but a minor one and only to Riker. Another strong female character that isn't an inevitable love interest. I would have liked to see her around again after BoBW.

5) Admiral Leyton- Well for a guy who tried to overthrow his government he was actually pretty nice and amiable. Really he's more an example of the road to hell starting with good intentions than a jerk. A solid anti-hero and an example of what happens when you go down the wrong bath, but he wasn't mean spirited, just made some bad choices.

4) Admiral Cartwright- Yeah, I can see him making the list. He was flat out racist against Klingons and was willing to stab his government in the back. A great antagonist though and he added a lot to the Trek movie verse.

3) Ferris- What? A guy who's deeply concerned about the well being of other people makes this list? I suspect the author of that list just personally dislikes him more than has any evidence that this guy is a jerk.

2) Edward Jellico- Sure, he's a jerk. But he's good at what he does. Yeah he's more of a soldier and not an explorer... which is exactly what was needed in that Cardassian mission. It's not like he was mean just for the sake of being mean. He had a reason for every thing he did, and was even nice to Riker until he just didn't obey orders and started making excuses.

1) Bruce Maddox- Yeah, he'd top my list too. Though I think the greatest thing about his character is how Data pretty much forgave him and never held a grudge. He even corresponded with him regularly and helped him with his robotics research afterward.

People who should have made the list:

Captain Phillipa Louvoix- She was a jerk and reveled in it. She was arrogant and condescending and just plain mean at times to Picard.

Commander William Riker- Yeah, I'll step on toes with this one but he makes my list. For a guy who's supposedly easy going and nice, he's mean spirited at times. Look at the way he treated Ro for example(makes a big deal about her earring then seats her between Worf and his shoulder sash and Troi and her catsuit five minutes later), his childish bickering with Shelby, his childish bickering with Pulaski and his dad. He's really just mean to any outsider of the main cast.

Norah Satie- She's literally a Gestapo agent. How can she not make the list?

Kathryn Janeway- More toes stepped upon. Murdering Tuvix, empowering mind rape, her insane behavior in Equinox are just a few of the things. She has zero consistency and is willing to toss rules and regulations aside one episode and beat you over the head with them the next whenever it suits her. The facts don't matter she's right, you're wrong, end of discussion.

Benjamin Maxwell- A guy who goes nuts and start randomly killing Cardassians makes most lists. Though it made perfect sense when it dawned upon me he was the same actor as Warden Norton. :P

I might think of some more later.
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