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Re: Should Star Trek Come Back to TV? article

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But is Paramount really the one making $$ off the T-shirts? I thought that was CBS.
CBS is the one making money from T-shirts using images from the television series, but Paramount must be making money from licensed products based on the motion pictures.

A recent article in Variety about Paramount licensing most of their back catalog to Warner Bros. for home video release noted that the Star Trek films were one of about 100 properties the studio chose to retain the rights to because they performed so well on home video. They're definitely making money from the franchise.
Only in the sense of home video and cable syndication sales of the movies.

CBS owns Trek outright. Paramount has a license to make Trek movies from CBS and profit off them, but CBS retains the merchandising rights to everything Trek, including Star Trek XI and the upcoming Star Trek XII.

Here's their current sell sheet (pdf):
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