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Re: Who Would You Cast As Captain Picard In A New Series or Movie?

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Picard will never be recast - the hard core fans would accept no substitute, and the general public would never be interested in a TNG reboot because ol' JL isn't a hip, swingin' brawler. Thank Zeus!
I suspect the same thing would have been said of Kirk a few years ago.
Er, no: as a hip, swingin' brawler, who was always chasing after ladies and punching aliens in the face, Kirk had/has a lot more mainstream appeal than Picard, and that should have been as obvious a few years ago as it is today.

It's like asking the general public whether they'd prefer to see a "Young Han Solo" or a "Young(er) Luke Skywalker " movie. The former's gonna win a mainstream public poll by a mile, every time.
We know from Tapestry that the young JLP was a fairly hip swinging brawler, while the Picard of the movies made for a fairly convincing action man (something which was first seen on the small screen in Starship Mine). I don't think a reinvention of Picard a la Chris Pine's Kirk would have to be all that radical.
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