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Actually, if T'Pring is still alive, the most logical option would be to break the bond between her and Spock, and bond her to a fully Vulcan male whose bond-mate had died in the cataclysm for 3 reasons: 1. It saves a life that the Vulcans can ill-afford to lose.
A role Spock could fill, despite Vulcan bigotry. Their population is a tiny percentage of what it used to be. In human-Vulcan offspring, the Vulcan genes always appear to be the most dominant, whilst strict discipline and control will keep those pesky emotions under control, whilst with each generation the human blood is diluted further and further.

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2. As a hybrid, Spock is probably sterile, so having him bonded to a fertile woman is a waste of her potential genes.
In the early scripts of TVH Saavik was to be pregnant by Spock. Due to the importance of procreation in this situation and the set backs it can occur, it would make sense to adopt a process of in vitro fertilisation, so as to ensure conception.

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3. Even if he isn't sterile, considering Vulcan prejudices, his half-human genes are not necessarily wanted in their gene pool. Considering how few Vulcans their are, within a certain number of generations, every Vulcan will be part human, which sort of defeats the purpose.
Hardly every Vulcan would be part human, only the direct line of Spock--admittedly that could be quite a few, if even a single child was conceived ever seven years.

Vulcan are surprisingly small-minded, considering IDIC. But whilst facing such dire circumstances, they'll have to get over themselves
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