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Impluse Engines to be a reality by 2030?

Seems more realistic than the article I read on Fox News earlier today about NASA conducting a few table-top experiments with 'laser-induced micro spacewarps' or whatever they're going to be called.

Still I like the idea of Impulse being available by 2030. That way, I'll live long enough to see people exploring the Solar System with relative ease, possibly even large-scale colonization of Mars, Luna, et al.

Also, from the article...

“The fusion fuel we’re focusing on is deuterium [a stable isotope of hydrogen] and Li6 [a stable isotope of the metal lithium] in a crystal structure. That’s basically dilithium crystals we’re using.”
So, Dilithium all this time was a man-made substance? Some kind of curious alloy that for some reason 23rd Century Humans had trouble making even though 21st Century Scientists seem quite confident in their abilities? Okay...
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