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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Blu-Ray. The international Blu-Ray spec includes 24p, so they don't change it (annoyingly, it doesn't include *25p* or 50i. The latter's basically UK-only, and I don't think there's a 25p spec at all. This leads to some badly smeared standards-converted Blu-Rays of UK material like Doctor Who to make them 24p so they only need one worldwide version...).

OTOH, a DVD release *would* be sped up.
Doctor Who is currently shot at 1920x1080/25 native. UK DW DVD's are therefore not sped up. I have to say, I think UK HD sets have a clear advantage over their "rest of the world" non-PAL counterparts in as much as they support 24/50/60 fps. AFAIK, most sets sold in say, the US, do not support PAL 50.
Yeah, it's shot (and broadcast on BBC1 HD/BBC HD) at 25p. But the Blu-Rays (*not* R2 DVDs, which are 576/50i) are converted to 24p because they only make one BR master for worldwide sales.
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