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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

As long as Vettel shouts 'OMG ASDFSDAFAF THANK YOU BOYS' and sticks his finger up every time he wins a race or goes on pole, and sticks his bottom lip out and whines like a child every time he doesn't get his own way, I'll never take him seriously.

Alonso is just as annoying, but I'd rather him win the championship than grant Vettel the hat trick. Surely nobody believes that Vettel is worthy of three titles?

He never lead the table at any point in 2010 (despite being in a top car) until he was gifted a win at the very end through no merit of his own, and his 2011 dominance was almost 100% due to having a ridiculous rule-bending (not to mention wing-bending) car.

If the title were decided purely on driving merit alone, Hamilton or Alonso would be running away with it, leaving LOLVETTEL behind to scrap with Karthikeyan for last place.
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