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There is a high probability that T'Pring was killed on Vulcan. However if she wasn't, wouldn't Spock be honour bound to take her as a mate and father children with her, seeing as how the Vulcan population has been decimated?

It would be the most logical option.

Actually, if T'Pring is still alive, the most logical option would be to break the bond between her and Spock, and bond her to a fully Vulcan male whose bond-mate had died in the cataclysm for 3 reasons: 1. It saves a life that the Vulcans can ill-afford to lose. 2. As a hybrid, Spock is probably sterile, so having him bonded to a fertile woman is a waste of her potential genes. And 3. Even if he isn't sterile, considering Vulcan prejudices, his half-human genes are not necessarily wanted in their gene pool. Considering how few Vulcans their are, within a certain number of generations, every Vulcan will be part human, which sort of defeats the purpose.

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