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It was the Jenolan's shields doing the actual blocking open ...
Regardless, the door was big enough to accommodate both the Jenolan holding the door open and the Enterprise flying through.
The Enterprise would have run into the Jenolan's shield bubble if they did what you're suggesting.

The Jenolan's shield bubble was in contact with the doors themselves, there was no opening for the Enterprise to fly through.

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Given the brevity of the door remaining open ...
When they opened the door, it actually spent time with the door open, while the tractor beam scanned the area for a ship, long enough that Geordi actually said "C'mon there's nobody out here" or the like
You're missing something.

The Enterprise would not have been able to exit through the doorway while the tractor beams were active, the beams simply would have grabbed the ship again and pulled the ship back inside. The Enterprise's window of opportunity to escape was between the tractor beams cutting off, and the doors closing to the point the ship would no longer fit through.

A dozen or so seconds.

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