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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Well, loading issue solved, but I do have another question.

I got the daily Explore Strange New Worlds, from Glarr. So, I figure I got the Hromi Cluster. I explored 4 worlds, but still didn´t get ´mission complete´ or the 1440 dilitium. What did I do wrong?
When you say you "got the Hromi Cluster", do you mean you also took a mission to explore that cluster? Because "Explore Strange New Worlds" wants you to complete one of those missions; by itself it doesn't track completion of explorations.

Ah.... I got Explore Strange New Worlds, but also two seperate missons to explore specific clusters. I figured I needed to explore a different cluster for the dilithium.
I'll go and try.
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