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TNG Caption This! 286: Power to the Players: The Sequel!

Happy Sunday everyone! Sorry about the lateness, without getting too personal, I will say that a certain started of these threads had a party in honor of him NOT getting any older that took up most of his time yesterday.

The Winner, as selected by Holdfast:

Zombie Cheerleader wrote: View Post

PICARD:Hmmm, Edith Keeler hit by car. Aliens in Berlin. Slow news day, I guess.
The winner, as selected by Jonas Grumby:

The Zombie Vulcan wrote: View Post

Worf: "Ever... mated with a Klingon?"
Yar: "Classy!"
The winner, as selected by The Laughing Vulcan: (AKA The Zombie Vulcan)

Holdfast wrote: View Post

PICARD: Now! Lob the grenade at her now!
The winner, as selected by Mojochi:

The Zombie Vulcan wrote: View Post

Crusher: "It'll be fine. It's just a minor dryness in the eye. I'll precribe you some artificial tears to treat it."
Picard: "Thank you Doctor. But did I have to be naked for you to tell me that?"
Crusher: "Don't argue with your Doctor, Jean Luc."
The winners, as selected by Finn: (AKA The Thing from the Bayou)

LeadHead wrote: View Post

Data: Commander, it appears that we have encountered the marker buoy left by apple maps.

Riker: Great. Are we at our destination?

Data: Unknown Sir, it says we shoulda taken a left turn in Albuquerque.
And just to prove that this is really The Laughing Vulcan's Lucky day...

The Zombie Vulcan wrote: View Post

Picard: "Mon Dieu!"
Riker: "What is the size of that thing?"
Data: "The more pressing question is, what is the size of the Kinder Egg that Counsellor Troi just beamed to her quarters?"
The Photoshop Award, goes to:

Trannie~sylvania wrote: View Post

Data: "Incorrect Captain. It is not a small moon, but rather a space station.

Picard: "Does it pose any danger to us Mister Data?"

Data: "Negative Captain, it most powerful weapon is merely a big laser."

Riker: "A laser? That wouldn't even penetrate our navigational deflector."

Zombie Redshirt wrote: View Post

Picard: What happened?
Crusher: The same thing that happened 9 months before Wesley was born.
Congratulations to our winners, many thanks to all those who participated and extra special thanks to our Great Team of Judges this time around!

Moving on, since this one started on Sunday, I feel strongly that it should not be shortchanged. Therefore, I'm going to have this one go from Sunday to Sunday and then the following contest, we'll get back to Saturday starts.

And Now, I bring you, our next team of Judges!

This Picture is brought to you by Nerys Myk, who should be renamed Jack of all trades. Can Photoshop, can caption can get into my thoughts and figure out how to get inside my brain...

This picture is brought to you by Mr. Laser Beam, who despite my issues with avatar (Sorry man, can't stand the Yankees) brings laughter to many every week!

This picture is brought to you by Isis, one of the most reliable posters in this going back years. Reliable not only in posting, but making me LOL!

This picture is brought you by bullethead, a great name for a great captioner! Thanks for all the photoshops and captions you've brought to the contest!

A couple of people didn't get back to me on this, so I decided to go into the Screencaps of the Season 2 trailer on TrekCore and bring us something from it. I will not judge this winner, and honestly, I'll make this one, First Come, First Served. If you'd like to get to judge this one, please PM me.

Since we only have 4 judges and an up for grabs picture, a picture may be added tomorrow. We'll see!
Special thanks to Nerys Myk for my awesome avatar!

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