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Re: Last Resort was Awesome.

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It's only the second episode. How much character development can occur in 84 minutes?
I'm really liking this show so far so I'm going to give it a chance.
If you were responding to my post, thinking I was criticizing, nope! I just think that, rightfully considering the show, the captain has to be well-cast and well-acted...and it is. Brougher's plays the role just perfectly.

I don't care how too much how realistic the overall premise is, I'm willing to run with what they have and see if it's good from that point on. Unless they were to get totally outrageous. I think that premises of interesting shows can be shifted to the real world, with modifications of course, for discussion of serious and personal morality. I believe this allows people to explore their own thoughts and know themselves better, such as where would THEY draw the line they will not cross.

I always thought that if a show seemed to go quickly, it was usually because it was well done and not dragging on, in other words, a good thing.
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