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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Well, loading issue solved, but I do have another question.

I got the daily Explore Strange New Worlds, from Glarr. So, I figure I got the Hromi Cluster. I explored 4 worlds, but still didn´t get ´mission complete´ or the 1440 dilitium. What did I do wrong?
The "Mission Complete" pops up quite fast, check your "In Progress" tab in mission logs to see if the mission has a tick next to it to turn in. Double-click if so.

Otherwise. go back to the Hromi Cluster and see if you have a message box near to where the "Enable Astrometrics" tab is, and where your officer communiques go if you close their dialogue. It'll say "Phi2347 system" or something along those lines (random system name). If so, it's likely one of those planets you explored asked you to deliver supplies (shield generators or the like) and you didn't have enough. Replicate or buy some (they usually want 10) and click the box to go back to the system and approach the planet to drop them off.
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