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Re: Enterprise-D vs. Voyager (extenuating circumstances)

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so the 'enhancing of ships combat abilities' kinda goes down the drain.
Korris: "We have heard this ship can separate in time of battle."
Worf: "Yes. When relieved of its bulk, the Enterprise becomes an exceptional weapon."

Sounds like the truth just came back up the drain, didn't it?

Voyager has much fewer amenities compared to the Galaxy class due to its size and crew compliment, but also to probably increase its combat ability so it can be a match to larger vessels.
Again this makes no sense. The Voyager's per person amenities, are equal to the Enterprise's. Voyager has 150 people, Enteprise has 1000 people. Both ship have about one holodeck per 75 people, the same amenities. The living quarter appear to be about the same size, same amenities. Voyager's officer's mess fulfills the same function as ten forward, the same amenities.

The only real difference between the two is Janeway would appear to be running a pretty dry ship, little alcohol.

the Intrepids don't have such 'luxuries'
Yes they do, given the relative crew and ship sizes, proportionally the luxuries are the same.

if the Defiant was able to match larger vessels in combat ability
The Defiant took on small and medium sized vessels quite well, but when it engaged larger vessels it's results were minimum.

Actually, given that Voyager was launched for a 2 week mission to find a LONE Maqui ship (and technologically inferior on so many levels) in the Badlands wouldn't necessitate a full torpedo compliment.
Voyager was entering a war zone, and inspite of it's mission didn't know what they would end up fighting, therefor a full weapons load.

but I find it difficult to imagine that a ship of Voyager's size would only carry 36 photon torpedoes
That how many torpedoes the ship's magazine could accommodate, after all it was primarily a science vessel.

Voyager didn't have any additional supplies on board compared to say if they were launched for a deep-space mission
Other than a incomplete astrometric, what was missing? What addition supplies should have been on board that were not?

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