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Re: Where's Miss Chicken?

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That's an excellent example! Thank you!
As it lacks the 2 vs 1 component, it'd be impossible to recognize for a native speaker of English as similar to the birds/stone phrase. And I suppose Grimm's tales aren't that well known in the US though I recall having seen an abridged volume in a LA bookstore. (Interestingly, they edited quite a few endings, like the evil witch in Hänsel & Gretel not getting shoved into the oven and burnt to death.)
Many of the classic Grimm's fairy tales are known to American children -- at least they were when I was a tot. I had a book of the stories in their original versions, with no wussy censorship or P.C. bowdlerization. Some of those tales have endings that are pretty, well, grim.

So . . . where's Miss Chicken?
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