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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

DonIago wrote: View Post
As I'm not especially familiar with the concept of a chaplain, I have to wonder how atheists tend to feel about them.
I'm not familiar with them either, hence my questions earlier. I would think that so long as they don't try to preach to those who have no belief system, then there wouldn't be any issues. I know that people get a lot of good out of their religion, just please don't come knocking on my door telling me about it and trying to get me to sign up

Relayer1 wrote: View Post
The future portrayed in Star Trek (at least in the Federation) seems to have pretty much moved beyond religion. While not it's precisely universally atheist, there's not a lot of need for a chaplain on a Starship that already has a counselor.
A lot of what Chaplains do seems to be covered by Counsellors, just without the religious aspect, though I think they would be trained to help people during crisis of faith--for those that still follow religious teachings.

Knight Templar wrote: View Post
What about an alien chaplain who was cross trained to serve for all faiths?
An alien character wouldn't bother me, it would be interesting to explore some truely alien concepts of faith and belief. Whoever had the job would have to be well-read and knowledgable about all faiths, or at least be damn good at doing quick research.

Knight Templar wrote: View Post
And it is more than possible you could have Federation members who refused to serve in Starfleet unless they had some kind of chaplain aboard ship.
That is a possibility, in which case a specialist in that field may need to be assigned. Likewise there are bound to be worlds that have no concept of religion, so they would see such a role as unnecessary, which could be good for some banter and bickering (the new Spock-McCoy).

Knight Templar wrote: View Post
As for controversy? This when people want an openly gay character on a Trek series?
Not looking to open a can of worms here, so I'll just say this: Is having a gay character in the next series is still controversial?
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