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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Here's the thing: a synopsis just gives you the bare bones of a plot, and plot is just one small part (and often not even the most important part) of any individual episode. Experiencing a good TV episode is about more than just finding out how the characters get from Point A to Point B: there's the atmosphere, the acting, the funny dialogue and bits of stage business, the visuals, the music, the pacing . . . all of which has more to do with determining whether an ep is worth watchng than just who did what where.

Plots are a dime a dozen. The execution is what matters.

Here's an example. "Boy fights dragon" is a plot, but that tells you nothing about what kind of story it is. Is it a lofty high fantasy saga? A gritty, sweaty barbarian adventure? A whimsical, pun-filled light fantasy? A snarky postmodern spoof of fairy tales? A religious allegory? A political satire?

A synopsis is not the whole story.

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