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Given the brevity of the door remaining open, the Enterprise would have to of been charging at the door prior to Scotty and Geordi opening it. If they had timed it wrong, the Enterprise could conceivably have collided with the closed (or never opened) door.

Better the way they ended up doing things.

Besides would the Jenolan have been worth the time and energy of being towed to where ever for repairs? It was a century old and badly damaged.

When they opened the door, it actually spent time with the door open, while the tractor beam scanned the area for a ship, long enough that Geordi actually said "C'mon there's nobody out here" or the like

My point being. You open the door, making it possible to hail the Ent-D, & tell them you can open the door for them. Give them a few minutes to rendezvous at the door. Open the door again, wait for the tractor beam to cut off, & leave while the door is closing, from its fully opened state, which is pretty much what they did anyway, except that they had to destroy the Jenolan to do it & escape through the narrower passage

Ent-D rescued, Jenolan salvaged, & no one recklessly put in harm's way. It would have at least been nice for them to do what Timo said & throw us a bone about why a plan like that wouldn't work. Even Timo's idea is a bit thin. How would they know the door would have some kind of AI that prevented them from a second attempt, until they'd tried it? in which case it would be too late, or they'd have to wait until they could get through again

Two different unknown vessels triggered that door easily. You'd have to assume security measures are not a big issue for these people, & that opening the door is no difficult accomplishment

Great episode... silly ending. Wrote themselves into a corner, & wanted an exciting ending, & had to flub it. Maybe the Ent-D doesn't tow it away, but Jenolan is still worth salvaging for material, the final arrangements of the dead or even the possibility of saving the starship
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