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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

278. Whiteout (✩½) - DVD - Kate Beckinsale has to solve a murder at an outpost in Antarctica. I thought this would be a great thriller, but it was pretty boring.

279. The Game (✩✩✩) - DVD - Michael Douglas plays a wealthy investment banker who gets a voucher as a gift from his brother. The voucher, when redeemed, puts him into a deadly game where his life is placed in jeopardy and his finaces are up for grabs. At the beginning of the movie, he talks with other wealthy people who played the game and talked fondly about how it changed their lives, so it made me wonder where this would go and in the end, I was pleasantly surprised. Still, I'm not giving this a high score because events in the movie don't follow any kind of rhyme or reason.

280. Law Abiding Citizen (✩✩✩) - DVD - A man is attacked in his own home and his wife and daughter are killed. The perpetrators get light sentences, so our man takes it upon himself to exact justice by going after the criminals as well as the legal team that didn't do enough. Stars Gerard Butler and Jaime Foxx. The movie seems pretty clever at first because our guy cleverly takes down the perps while using loopholes in the law to get away with his obvious crimes. Unfortunately, things start to fall apart and the intended message about flaws in the legal system gets lost. Still, it's a pretty engaging thriller.

281. Taken 2 (✩✩✩) - Theatre - It looks like Maggie Grace and Famke Janseen have more to do this time around. Some of the action was a bit over the top for the sake of excitement and a few things were contrived to keep the plot going, but it was an enjoyable action movie none the less. I read that there are no plans for a third installment, but it did look like they set things up for one.

282. The Fourth Kind (✩✩✩) - Live TV - Milla Jovovich plays a psychologist in Alaska who's patients are reporting strange visitations while in their sleep. This isn't a "found footage movie", it's a re-enactment of recordings of a real event. Real as in fictitious. It plays like it's part movie/part documentary and seemed to have only a tenuous connection to alien abductions. It wasn't scary, but it was quite watchable.

283. All About Steve (✩✩✩) - Live TV - Sandra Bullock plays an eccentric woman who falls for a cameraman named Steve and follows him around as he does his job as part of a news crew. Also stars Bradley Cooper. This was a terrible movie, but it got considerabley better in the third act once the movie changed direction and became all about something else. Also, the woman from Speed who tried to jump off the bus and got blown up plays her mother in this one.

Theatre: 18
DVD/Blu-Ray: 104
Live TV: 112
Recorded TV: 5
On Demand: 40
Internet: 4
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