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Re: Is the Data character more human than he's given credit for?

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Emotions and self-awareness do not go hand in hand. A human being can temporarily repress all of its emotions and be quite self-aware in the meantime.
There is no scientific explanation for consciousness because whenever you explain how our brain works this very explanation is basically the very opposite of consciousness, it is mechanical, explains how A connects to B and so on. Wherever you look, the whole is always more than the sum of its parts (you cannot say that hydrogen is just an electron and a proton, you cannot say that music is just a sum of sounds, you cannot say that society is just a bunch of individual people) and consciousness is located in this gap between the whole and the sum of its parts, be it the consciousness of a human being, another higher mammal or an android.

Repression of emotions is not the same thing as having no emotions. Many religions or philosophies teach emotional detachment, but you still need the emotions themselves.

Think about it: how do you have wants, desires, or preferences without emotions? How do you decide who to ask on a date, what show to watch, what food to eat, etc.? A self-aware, sentient being must have emotions, or they would sit in a chair or lay in a bed, unable to make the most basic decisions.
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