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Surely you've read reviews of things before deciding whether or not to see them for yourself.

Last I checked, nobody's going to claim that "TKO" is a must-see episode.

Hell, "Grey 17 is Missing" is in what's generally considered the best season of B5, and I think even most B5 fans would agree that it's not exactly B5 at its best. Even JMS doesn't defend that one.
Actually, TKO and Grey 17 both have fantastic B Stories, and are very important to character development. The Ultimate Fighting part of TKO isn't anything special (other than the foreshadowing comment from Walker), and yea, the Grey 17 part of Grey 17 isn't anything special either, but, I sure wouldn't want to miss the B Stories, especially the B Story to Grey 17 which plays a crucial part in late S4
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