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Re: Nemesis/Future Imperfect correlation...

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I was watching the TNG episode of Future Imperfect and I noticed something of interest. Riker who awakens in sick bay 16 years into the future is now captain of the Enterprise. Picard is now an admiral and has Troi by his side serving as an aide. Crusher, LaForge, Worf, and Data were all serving aboard the Enterprise as well. Riker now is unable to remember anything in the previous 16 years when he wakes up, but it was imperative that Riker attend the peace treaty with the Romulans aboard the Enterprise. Here's the interesting part for me...At the end of Star Trek Nemesis, Riker who is now captain of the Titan is chosen as the Federation representative to begin talks with the Romulans presumably to usher in an era of peace between them. Now granted he's captain of the Titan, and not the Enterprise, but is it possible that, in some aspects some if not most of the events in Future Imperfect is coming to fruition, Star Trek: Countdown Comics notwithstanding? Think about it. Sometime in the future after the events in Nemesis, Picard accepts promotion to Admiral and as Picard promised, Riker becomes captain of the Enterprise. Data has been blown to bits (and his head is floating around in space waiting to be found...just my stupid dream) but B-4 has worked his way up the ranks to become Riker's first officer. (Just a side note, Data being unable to answer when Riker rapidly asks him computational questions could be because he is B-4 and has yet to achieve the level of skills that Data has.) Worf is still serving aboard the Enterprise along with Crusher, and LaForge who grew his hair back 90's style and his cloned implants. Things between Riker and Troi don't work out, they divorce, and she leaves to pursue her career which coincidentally enough was what Riker did to her when they were first together years ago. Riker marries another woman, they have a son, then she dies sometime afterwards. I know it seems kind of silly, but I wonder if this was a thought during the making of Nemesis...?
Sorry, but it is a bit silly. There is zero chance of "Future Imperfect" going through anyone's mind during the production of Nemesis. All they have in common is the Romulan connection, and as Tosk says, it wasn't a "real" alternate future anyway. Data's delay in answering questions was all down to it being a simulation, and the rest of your theory doesn't really connect with Nemesis at all (Geordi grows back a 90s hair style, what?).
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