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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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^^^Guilty conscience? The show's storyline is very much about the in-universe politics.

... I didn't know you were a writer on the show but since you are taking personal offense, you must be.
The show's storyline is, absolutely. I was talking about the speculation put forth by the people in this thread, however.

All of the issues you raised (nanotechnology, creating the militia to reestablish order) were things I mentioned in my previous posts. The showrunners have been deliberately vague and haven't mentioned anything about nanotechnology or any other "handwaving" mechanism behind the blackout as far as I am aware, so the criticism seemed directed at me specifically. If it was not, then I apologize for misreading your meaning.
The nanotech criticisms were not directed at you. For what it's worth, I've more or less assumed you are right in your guesses about what tack the writers will take. Perhaps I shouldn't criticize them ahead of time? I'm sort of thinking out loud about the show.

I am also aware that no one yet has actually endorsed the villains on the show. But I don't think that it makes much difference since the supposed moral issues are consequential to the premises. But since the premises are false (my thinking, any who differ will have to post their own views,) then all the choices faced by the characters are false. This makes them irrelevant, along with all criticism of them, both positive and negative.

Good news: It's very likely I will not watch Revolution after Monday's episode, so it is unlikely that there will be much more to post on. I can't resist one more unpleasantness before I go, which is that the grass is remarkably well trimmed in lots and lots of scenes. Given how rapidly the ivy has covered the walls, my guess is that this is merely good gardening, not the Postapocalyptic Ecology.

^^^Given the costs of set decoration, this one is kind of petty I suppose. But I'm so irritated by the notion that an army base commander would simply sit on his base and do nothing for two weeks I'm not feeling generous.
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