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Re: Different Generations uniforms?

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(most likely due to the long lead time when it comes to merchandise).
Exactly why.

Playmates uniform comparison by Therin of Andor, on Flickr
Worf in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Seasons 3-7 uniform, Data and LaForge in the unused "Generations" movie uniforms and O'Brien in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" uniform.

The chest flap was supposed to be reminiscent, for movie audiences, of the chest flap seen on the 23rd century maroon uniforms of the "Generations" prologue.
Are Worf's trousers slightly different at the bottom to the other two Generations figures or is that just a trick of the light?
It says 'Worf in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Seasons 3-7 uniform' so yes it is different.

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I think that's silly. Another one of those..."The Star Trek fans are too stupid or too demanding to accept changes.." moments. It's a shame they didn't use the new uniforms then. I kind of like them, but I will admit that I like the grey uniforms much more.
I would have thought at the time they were making changes for changes sake, and that it would have seemed a step backwards towards the earlier movies. Its less likely the grey uniforms would have been needed had they been used, the DS9 uniforms were only temporary.

I suppose you have to wonder if they'd have carried over to Voyager (as the then current uniforms), or been bought in to DS9 (as the greys were later)
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