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James P. Hogan's "Inherit the Stars"

Sorry, if this has been posted before, but I just finished reading Inherit the Stars by James P. Hogan and I found some astonishing parallels to nuBSG's series finale.

The basic premise of the novel is this: Homo sapiens originally hailed from a planet called Minerva, located between Mars and Jupiter. 50,000 years ago, Minerva was destroyed in a nuclear war and the few survivors of this holocaust managed to get to Earth. There, they quickly replaced the Neanderthals as the dominant species on the planet.

In the epilogue of the novel an archeological expedition in Africa finds some bones from the original "Minervans". They also dig up the remains of an ancient electronic device which leads the head of the expedition to conclude that it must be some kind of hoax.

Seems to me that Ronald D. Moore was "aware" of that book.
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