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Re: Problem I had with "By Any Other Name"

Dear Parents of the Non-Essential Yeoman Humanoid:

Captain Kirk made me write this. Sorry about your daughter. I forgot her name. As you humans say, ''whaddaya gonna do?'' At least tetrahondral solids make nice sugar substitutes, so if you wish to sprinkle her powder in your coffee, you might find it highly stimulating. At least we left you tricorder and communicator. Now you can sell them on this EBay I keep hearing about.

In all serious, though, now that I am human, I now realize that I am crushed by my earlier behavior. And so is she, fortunately. I mean, we see eye to eye now. (Another human expression.) It's all Hanar's fault for reducing her. Then I told him to put the black guy on the right so he could die first as is the cliche, but that sneaky SOB switched them wrong. I am as innocent as the driven white powder.

I was, ah, kidding, about the sugar part. It's not possible now. Tomar, ahem, after immediately regaining consciousness and stepping over Mr. Scott's prone form, went to sickbay for dessert, raided the doctor's lab, then, lacking any available liquor, ahem......snorted what he thought was Starfleet cocaine. I'm really, really sorry. I apologize unreservedly. Now I'm going to cut this short so I can boink Kelinda senseless.
Take care, sincerely yours, yadda yadda bing....


To answer izarian's questions, I figure the dissolved crew would ''keep'' in crew form for ANY length of time, no matter what. And since they weren't eliminated outright, I'm guessing Rojan may have had future slave labor in mind......never nind that Kirk, Spock, Scotty and McCoy, the ''essential'' four, would be long-dead.
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