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Re: VAN: In Tempest's Wake by Dayton Ward Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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that's a valid point, of course, but IMHO the very existence of this e-book just underscores the involvement of Marketing in the creative process.

I've seen the VAN series called "lightning in a bottle" for many reasons, among them the fact that it had a defined beginning, middle and end - Mack, Ward, Dilmore and Palmieri developed the series, told their story/ies to the fullest and left on the highest note possible.

I don't recall any real dangling threads left by the finale, and having a look "from another angle" at events we've seen told / explored already plus labeling as part of the already-completed series, seems to me like a disservice to readers.

As I already posted, I would much rather have a new TOS novel by Ward, which would incorporate the events of ITW..
A "disservice"?

Granted, In Tempest's Wake doesn't add much to the Vanguard story, but it certainly doesn't take anything away from it.
That it is very well written and integrates Vanguard even more into the old continuity and actually opens up the story for a future re-visitation makes it everything but a "disservice".
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