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80s and 90s? Audio books were still mostly a foreign concept back then, my friend.
Indeed. I believe I've said so.

In fact as you well know most audiobooks from that era were tape cassettes and those were annoying to work with. And to be honest even CDs are of little interest these days for audiobooks. No offense but we can't judge the audiobook market by old measurement techniques. Go to a book store and you'll notice that the audiobook sections have gotten smaller. Most people are getting their audiobooks through downloads now.
Well, that's precisely why I didn't try to discuss the post-90s audio situation.

I have absolutely no idea what current sales are like. I do know there's been a harsh swing towards unabridged, in that abridged ST books are constantly sneered at, and dismissed, whenever I've tried to say how enjoyable most of S&S Audioworks' ST collection has been. I own them all, and love them!

But... my gut feeling is that commercial audiobooks in general are still not all that popular. The rise of free, downloadable iTunes podcasts would surely have infringed upon the viability of commercial audiobooks that cost $$$$.

Certainly, when I see commuters plugged into their devices on trains and buses, there's more likely to be duff, duff, duff music leaking out, not the dulcet tones of a commercial audiobook.

If ST audiobooks were still commercially viable, they'd still be with us.
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