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Name the Tribble

(note to Mods/Admins: This concerns Tribbles in general, but at the same time it's news, a kind of game and kinda freaky fan-stuff. Hence I thought it'd best fit into Misc. Feel free to move it, if you find a better place for it)

Years ago, the American Heritage Center in Wyoming got presented with a lot of stuff from the Star Trek series.
Recently, one of their employees, who happens to be a Trekkie, re-discovered the items. Among them is a Tribble, donated by Forrest J Ackerman, for which the archive now is seeking a name.
The name ought to express the typical nature of a tribble.

Entries can be emailed to ahc(at), with "Tribble
Contest" and your name in the subject line. They also can be posted at the center's Facebook page,
The deadline for entries is Oct. 22nd

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