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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Because turning off lights isn't realistic?
IIRC, the vehicle did "a bit more" than just go dark itself. Weren't there spotlights on the thing that all somehow lost track of it?
One of the cops saw it. He must be a mutant.
Nah, the batmobile passed in front of him (for a tactical reason that I can't fathom).

The problem with that scene is that it really looked like the whole road went dark when the batmobile's stealth mode was activated. I can't even make out the beams of the police cruiser headlights at that point. I suppose it could just be Nolan's way of telling us that the batmobile gets lost in the dark, but that's just not believable on a highway lined with streetlights. Unless the point is that the batmobile is somehow dimming the streetlights and the headlights, which leads us back to my original contention that the batmobile is doing more than just going dark itself, but I doubt the batmobile was supposed to be affecting the streetlights. Or, maybe fancy big city Gotham interstate streetlights just happen to be much dimmer to begin with than the ones here in Bumfuck, Kentucky, which leads us back to my point that the film is not really realistic in the sense of being absolutely true to life.

Really, though, whatever the dressing, at that point in film, the batmobile's protected by a magic aura of plot, because we all expect that the batmobile ought to be able to get away from a few measly police cruisers and a police helicopter. The stealth mode was just a bit too cute, and took it a bridge too far, for my taste. Rather than enhance the realism, it drew a big red circle around the fact that it wasn't being realistic. YMMV.
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