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Re: Galaxy Class Upgrade...a work in progress

Many of the windows and escape pods still need some tweaking in terms of positions to line them up better with the curvature of the saucer. That being said, much of the general placement comes directly from the sources I'm using:

Here's the larger version I'm actually using:

That being said, it didn't make sense to me to cluster so many of the escape pods so close together along those few select decks of the saucer. In a situation where every second may count, it would be helpful to have at least one escape pod on every deck. So I've tried to spread them out a bit more...though I suppose there is an argument to be made for placing as many of them together as possible in order to make coordinated evacuation efforts as easy as possible.
Either way, I'll work on it.

On an unrelated note, I've also extended the length of the nacelles a bit. Their length now extends further both forward and aft, making the ship a few meters longer. I'm not sure exactly by how much...this thing isn't exactly precise.
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