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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

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I enjoyed the film a great deal and rated it above-average in the poll. It's easy to get caught up in time travel mechanics and plot holes, but I appreciated the thought-provoking concepts of the movie (nature vs nurture, the importance of proper parenting, self-sacrifice), the acting (Levitt did a good job capturing Willis' vocal mannerisms), and the dramatic scenarios the movie creates.

As an aside, did anyone else think that Kid Blue (the guy who shot off part of his foot) was the younger version of Jeff Daniel's Abe? There was an extreme eagerness to prove himself to Abe on Blue's part and an extreme disdain and judgmentalism for Blue on Abe's part coupled with forgiveness he rarely extended to others and occasional pride in his actions (like when he captured Old Joe). They never showed Abe moving around that much to see if he had a serious limp, but even if he didn't, as he rose up the ranks of the mob he could have gotten a good prosthesis. Notice also that in punishment Abe just broke Kid Blue's hand instead of doing anything permanent like the amputations on the errant looper. It fits the film's overall theme about different types of parenting or the lack thereof. In this case Abe would be serving as a cruel father figure to himself, creating the even more evil but also more thoughtful and less impulsive man he becomes. It's an interesting idea, at least.
Yeah, I mention in my review post earlier in the thread that I kept expecting them to make that revelation. Kind of disappointed they didn't.
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