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Re: Did the Voyager crew make the wrong call in Memorial? "

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4. Keeping the memorial functioning is important to maintain the intent and benefit of #1.

5. Warning incoming travellers of what it does mitigates the possible damage done by #2.
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4. If there's a memorial in space and no one knows it's there does it really exist?

5. Warning or inviting?
Okay, how this for a solution? Repair the monument, but adjust it so that it's "mind rape" effect only works over a distance of a hundred metres. There is a clearly marked activation button, good for one play per push.

Place space buoys (buoies?) that describe the monument, it's location and how to activate it. Inform visitors what to expect in detail.

Both a warning and an invitation. Academic scholars and curious tourists alike will come and experience the monument, word will spread.

With consent, there is no rape.

Maybe they want the rape.

No one's looking after the memorial or even the planet, it's run down and abandoned.

Everyone has forgotten.

Or think they know better.

If not for the odd rape now and then this place would serve no purpose, and if it luckily rapes the right people, maybe they'll see how important it is and they'll fix up the memorial and maybe even staff it and start a package tour company?

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Apart from Christianity (If the Roman's had been nicer there wouldn't have been a Christianity as we understand it.), none of the billions of tons of monuments left behind by the Roman Empire say much else other than "Suck it! Suck it!" but the entire world gets behind their glory hogging still thousands of years after the fact.
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