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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

26) Premium Rush (2012) - B-
27) The Bourne Legacy (2012) - C
28) Haywire (2012) - B
29) LA Confidential - A (1997)
30) Boogie Nights - A- (1997)

Thanks to a podcast, which did an episode about PT Anderson, that I listen to, and the release of "The Master" (Which I would like to see one of these days), I felt it was time to watch another 1997 classic to most people, Boogie Nights. This was a great movie, but I'm not sure if it was better than the other PT Anderson film I've seen, There Will Be Blood. Even though I find that one overrated too, I still liked it because Daniel Day-Lewis just commanded the screen and that movie was excellent because of the actor, not inspite of the actor. Boogie Nights has an impressive cast, but they all seemed to just blend into the film rather than stand out. Still, I'm not sure this movie was about the cast (Even as star studded as this one) but more about the rise and fall of the porn industry from the last 70s to the 80s and then rising again at the end.

This movie, maybe because of it's length, felt like 2 movies in one. The first half was Dirk Diggler becoming a star, and that fun Saturday Night Fever attitude with all the disco music and showing life as this simple and fun thing. I think the reason it get's an A- from me instead of the full fledged A is because I didn't think the movie got really excellent until the screen flipped to the 80s and the film took a much serious tone. It really was an interesting juxtaposition and something that had a much greater emotional impact than it should have had. We like these characters (And I applaud this film for being about the Porn industry but not over-sensationalizing it) and we see the 3-dimensionality of these character turn in the 80s from just star pornstars to people who really fell on some dark dark times.

Theater: 11
BluRay: 9
On Demand/TV: 4 (+1)
Itunes: 6

I do have a question regarding Mark Wahlberg though. It seemed when Planet of the Apes came out, people where making fun of him for his "Marky Mark" moniker and I thought it was because people didn't like him for his acting. I know he started out as a musician and that I think is where the Moniker comes from and I know bringing up the remake of Planet of the Apes isn't a strong argument, but my question is this. Do people overall hate Wahlberg as an actor? It seems like everything I've seen him in (except for POTA) has been a good movie, and this one, The Fighter and The Departed are great movies. I think he's a great actor.

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