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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished The Sorrows of Empire, which was fantastic. Really enjoyed it, great focus on Spock. I also read "The Black Flag" in situ of Sorrows. Fairly strong.

Just now finished up "The Traitor" from Shards and Shadows. Of the Mirror Universe shorts I've read so far, it was probably the worst. At best, it's just too tangential to the MU to be very interesting except to Stargazer fans, at worst, there's a needless double-reveal that makes the whole adventure feel moot, perhaps even meaningless. I'm not one to lightly defame a story, but coming off the high of Sorrows and my general feeling of "great" about the ENT/TOS era MU stories, I was expecting more.

I got about 1% through "Freedom Angst" from Seven Deadly Sins. It's good so far, my Mirror Universe read through continues apace!
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