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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Here is Won't get Fooled Again's synopsis from wikipedia

Crichton wakes up on Earth after crashing Farscape One. He believes it to be an illusion, as in A Human Reaction, and tries to find a way out. As things become increasingly chaotic, he begins to lose his sanity.
It mentioned A Human Reaction, and the premise seems similar (except he seems to realise its fake immediately this thime). I didn't like A Human reaction, so it makes no sense to watch this one.
First of all, Crichton gradually losing his sanity is one of the major arcs this season. If you haven't picked up on that yet it's because you have been skipping too much.

Second, WGFA is totally different than AHR. They aren't the same at all. AHR is played straight, mostly, while WGFA quickly descends into slapstick comedy and then continues even further into downright bizarre.

Let me be clear: up until this point, Farscape has had a lot of standalone episodes. That diminishes significantly from now on. Most episodes will be arc-relevant and many will be arc-critical.

Case in point: The Princess trilogy, and then WGFA, are in the first 4 episodes to feature a new race that becomes a major player in the series later on. You are completely missing their introduction because of a synopsis.
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