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Re: The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Discussion

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Really? I thought that the point was that he's happier without her, but can't recognize it.
How so? Leonard has been in love with her since day one, he was jealous everytime she went out with one of her hunks and was the happiest person ever when they finally got together in season 3.

Really heartbroken when she broke up with him later in the season and after his relationship with Priya was done his feelings for Penny resurfaced (there were even there at times when he was with Priya).

Penny is just a little too immature to fully realize how good a guy Leonard is even if he's not George Clooney or whatever age appropriate guy is hot right now at that age. Let's hope her growth is fast enough and she realizes that she doesn't need drama in her life.

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I'd rather not see 10 seasons.

Most shows i know peak around season 3 or 4 and by the time you are watching season 7 it's usually more out of habit rather than quality.
TBBT definitely seems to be following that same trend right now.
So far the show has confirmed pick ups for seven seasons (a rarity for any show to be picked up so far ahead for so long) but it remains to be seen how the show develops. The influx of new cast members definitely worked out and gave the show new life and a broadened scope. Let's see what the producers can come up with to keep it interesting. Currently it has settled on a good, middle level.. it's not as awesome as seasons 2 and 3 but it has occasionally brilliant episodes and scenes.
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