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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

^^^Guilty conscience? The show's storyline is very much about the in-universe politics. The writers have clearly established that absolute murderous chaos instantly broke out and only the baddest asses like Miles and his Sith apprentice Bass were able to cope. This strikes me as nasty minded nonsense. I didn't know you were a writer on the show but since you are taking personal offense, you must be. Since this is your responsibility, shame on you. Also, you don't get to foist Lord of the Flies scenarios on people without them having the right to criticize it. Trying to pretend it's just some sort of character drama with meaningless premises more or less chosen randomly at an idle moment is absurd.

On the other hand, the impossibility of the nanotech explanations doesn't strike me as a reflection on the fans who thought the show might have thought of it, regardless of how rapidly they wither in the light of the commercial breaks. I also don't expect they will be responsible for the (sadly) probably inevitable chatter about quantum physics at some point.

Really, the only insulting thing was calling Billy Burke a bore, but that's only insulting the sense that any disagreement with another person's taste is "insulting." I suppose I should have been more tactful and said something like " Billy Burke doesn't inspire enthusiasm or even conviction, so it's kind of hard to care very much about what his character chooses to do.
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