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It was the Jenolan's shields doing the actual blocking open wasn't it?
Regardless, the door was big enough to accommodate both the Jenolan holding the door open and the Enterprise flying through.

Look at it this way, the Enterprise is 1500 feet wide at the saucer and around 450 feet thick. The Jenolan is only a few decks thick but even with shields on couldn't be more than twice that, so we'll be very generous and say that with shields on the Jenolan is 100-feet thick. We'll say it was dead center in the door.

So we have a massive door with a 100-foot tall ship in the middle of it.

Since the CONN officer had to roll the Enterprise 90-degrees to get out the door as it closed, the Jenolan's length with shields on must be wide enough to accommodate the Enterprise 's width. (1500 feet.)

Does it seem likely there's less than 450 feet of space between the top and bottom of the Jenolan's shield bubble as it holds the foor open? Does it even seem likely it's less than the 1500 feet of the ship's width if it had rolled on it's side to escape above or below the Jenolan. Given the absolute size of the Dyson sphere does it make sense it'd have a door that's less than 450 feet wide?

Even when we see the Enterprise pulled into the sphere it seems like there's more than an enough room to accommodate both the Jenolan (and it's shield bubble) and the Enterprise.

That door is MASSIVE. I think the Enterprise could have gotten out without needing to destroy the Jenolan.
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