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I'm doing a sorta rewatch, sorta because there are whole seasons I've missed. We have bad tv here, thankfully I am no longer at its mercy. I have all the dvd's and I'll be running through this religiously. I have seen all of Atlantis and all of SG:U.

I posted these brief reviews in another thread, more to come.

The First Commandment: I felt like I was missing something here.. like a huge back story about Mr. I Am God. Did we see him before this and bond with him? I like eps where the good guys go rogue but there could have been more context other than Carter's comments about him being intense. Garth of Izar he wasn't. However rogue nut's role was helped along for me because he looked very much like a religious nut I know, almost creepily so.

Cold Lazarus: I liked this one, even with my aversion to people's real life problems. I liked the crystals, the learning curve Crystal O'Neill was on, the way it showed you how little the team knew about O'Neill. I liked it right up until the Real O'Neill thought it would be a good idea to show his ex-wife a fake version of her dead child. Here honey, it's not actually our dead child but wow, what a likeness eh? Jesus christ on a stargate.

The Nox: Fairy Quark is sweet! Fairy Quark has pretty mossy hair..

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