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But what's always interested me is that the Vulcans make out that rejecting emotional suppression would tear their world apart, that they would be savages. I think the myth of the bad stuff that emotions will do to you has grown rather inflated with time. The Romulans have a perfectly civilized empire, yes they wage war but they also have a developed culture. They don't seem any more deranged by emotions and violence than, say, the Cardassians.
Nobody has ever explained how the Rommies "get away with" snubbing logic, have they? Either the Vulcans are full of it, or, more interestingly, the Romulans have solved the problem in some other way, directing hostility outwards via vicious xenophobia, perhaps? Someday, some writers need to seriously tackle this question.

Also, T'Pring shouldd be played by Morena Baccarin or Kristin Ritter or possibly Lizzy Caplan.
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