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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

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Supposedly, they have 100% perfect tracking and biomonitering implants in the future. If you kill someone the police will know exactly when they died and who was there with them. That means that the identity of the killer will be pretty obvious.

Sending them back in time means that they vanish from the tracking system, but there is no death signal.
Well yes, but the only thing they'd be able to prove is that illegal time travel took place. In order to convict anyone of the murder they'd need to send an agent back into the past to investigate, collect evidence, find witnesses, and then spend 30 years sitting on it, which is impractical.

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The Rainmaker existed before Joe failed to complete his loop the first time. Old Seth was bitching about it when he skipped out on his younger self. Joe had nothing/little to do completely with the Rainmakers rise to the control of the mob in the first few possible futures we glanced upon.
While this is true, the Rainmaker isn't the bad guy. His gave crime is closing down the time travel assassination business. In other words, he's forcing the mafia to stop murdering people.
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