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Re: Does this superhero team exist?

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fear enough when he was the Red/Blue Blur, but when he was just The Blur, the long black coat, and top with the S shield on it, its alot more costume like, if not the traditional Superman costume.
Let me try to get this across one more time. I never said he wasn't willing to wear any kind of costume; he wouldn't get very far as an actor with that attitude. I said that he wasn't willing to wear the Superman costume specifically. There's a big difference, sartorially, between wearing a logo t-shirt and black duster and wearing tights and a cape in bright primary colors. Many today would consider the latter quite silly or embarrassing to wear.
you misunderstood my post, I was not so much commenting on Tom Welling not wanting to wear the costume, but on Clark Kent not wearing one, until the point he became The Blur. Any Clark Kent (whatever corner of the DC Multiverse, he exists in, has to be willing to wear one a costume at some stage, until the black "duster" he had not worn one. It was a step on the way to being Superman, that he wore a costume when he did his crime fighting.
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