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Re: Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

True, but you have to realize how odd Klingons are. Deliberatly getting yourself killed by someone else's hand is considered ok and will get you into Klingon heaven.

Killing yourself directly is dishonorable and you'll go to Stova Kor or whatever they call it.

You have to figure that Kurn or the average Klingon would see getting his or her's memory wiped and starting over as a new person the coward's way out.

A human in Kurn's sitiation would have thought, "Ok, good, I have shelter, food and friends. I 'll rebuild from here and get all my family honor and wealth back one day, I swear it."

Nope, not a Klingon. They have to be soldiers, in Klingon society, at all times, and they refuse to compromise with any other situation.

With that type of thinking Kurn would totally freak out if he knew what happened to him.

If he had just hung in there, he would have gotten his honor back and a lot more.

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