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The REAL question is whether Sybok is still alive. He's more likely to have been off world than any of them. Boy they aren't going to be happy about including him in the gene pool. I bet he will get no visitation rights.
Since TPTB prefer to ignore Star Trek V, Sybok never existed in any universe (along with that ridiculous "Vulcan princess" Sarek supposedly married).

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Good point! But if the story goes anything like the original, Sybok had been exiled, so he was already on his own in that department.

This does bring up the question of how exiled Vulcans will fit into the picture. In the series "Enterprise" they once encountered a ship of "Vulcans without logic", who went into self-exile in protest against their planet's basic philosophies. Who knows how many such groups are in existence. But now that Vulcans are down to a minimal population, will there be a plea for such Vulcans to return to the mainstream?
Vulcans without logic = Romulans
There's more to who the Romulans are than an alleged lack of "logic". They simply reject the Surakian School of logic that requires emotional suppression.
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