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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Edit: Just read an in depth summary of the Princess trilogy. John gets together with the woman for political reasons, gets turned into a statue for some stupid reason that I didn't really understand, gets beheaded, but then fixed. Something weird happens to Moya when a weird person appears, and she tries to kill herself (or the weird guy makes it seem like thats what she's doing, the summaries were a page an episode and I just skimmed the pages at points), until the person stops it because Zhaan is "worthy". Scorpius apparenty has a cooling rod in his head where his brain should be. D'argo is in a relationship with Jar Jar. Aeryn is pretty pointless in the episode. It all turns out fine in the end. I saved myself several hours, and now I know what happened (I read more than what I just posted, I know about Moya/Zhaan escaping from Scorpius, I just posted the bigger plot points). Now, I can move on to good episodes.
I'm sorry, but I think it's absolutely foolish to rely on a synopsis to determine whether or not you would like an episode. A synopsis loses all sense of the show. A synopsis is literally the stuff that happened. There's no tone, there's no rhythm, there's no character. There's not STUFF that makes a show unique.

A synopsis can turn ANYTHING into a boring thing.

You even say it here, "for reasons I don't really understand" MAYBE if you watched the episode you just MIGHT.

But, whatever... you claim you're enjoying the show... though, I don't know how when it seems like you're only watching 50% of it....
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