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Re: Enterprise-D vs. Voyager (extenuating circumstances)

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the Galaxy class separating into two vessels isn't necessarily a prime tactical decision since the saucer has no warp propulsion and limited weapons systems
The primary purpose for separating the saucer from the drive section is to increase the abilities of the drive section in combat. Less mass, smaller size, smaller target, smaller deflector shield, smaller warp field. Power not needed to enclose the saucer in a warp field and a deflector shield are diverted to weapons.

Plus the saucer does have an aft facing photon torpedo launcher (it's on the MSD board), and it can fire it's phaser banks with the power of it's impulse engines. The saucer has all the craft on the main shuttle deck, which might include runabouts. Runabouts (from DS9) are useful in combat.

Deks wrote: View Post
As it was already established, we have 0 evidence to support the claim the Enterprise-D or the Galaxy class in general are 'more powerful' than Voyager or Intrepid class star-ships.
Except for all the examples given so far in this thread.

Phasers [snip] rather the length seems to imply coverage.
As I pointed out earlier, the Enteprise's strips are over twice as wide (or tall) as the Voyager's. It's not just the case of her having more length. There's more emitter surface.

the Intrepid being able to get away with minimum amenities for the crew due to its size while matching firepower and shields found on Galaxy class ships
You brought this up before and I'm not sure what it has to do with combat ability.

And where do you get the idea that the Voyager has "less amenities?" If the Voyager has two holodecks for 150 people, and the Enterprise has thirteen or fourteen for 1000 people, it's the same ratio of holodecks to people isn't it?

I doubt that 36 would be the 'limit' especially when we take into account that Voyager was launched with a 2 week mission in mind to track down a small Maqui ship
Facing possible combat with known terrorists, the Voyager would have been carrying a full weapons load, including two tri-cobalt warheads.

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