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Re: The Top 40 Male Film Lead Actors of all Time

No love, exactly, but the films have my respect. TAXI DRIVER without knowing it would change history in a sense when John Hinckley noticed Jodie Foster. RAGING BULL showcases DeNiro at his chameleonic best.
The Academy Awards more often than not ignore good to excellent ''genre'' films. They couldn't ignore DeNiro's take on Max Cady, so they nominated him. Yet somehow they ignored Jack Nicholson in THE DEPARTED, instead nominating the less-memorable Mark Wahlberg role. I don't tend to generally go with the popular flow, but it's worth mentioning that Scorsese's two biggest hits are also both remakes AND genre-thrillers. They are my two personal favorites as well.
I should also say while I voted THE DEPARTED as Best Picture of 2006, I only gave him Best Director for his segment of NEW YORK STORIES from 1989. That means I didn't award it to Spike Lee that year for DO THE RIGHT THING even though it won my Best Picture, but.......I did give Spike Lee Best Director for INSIDE MAN, another genre-thriller, which narrowly lost Best Picture to...THE DEPARTED. As you see, it can get ridiculously symmetrical.

Recapping the others in the top ten:
Gregory Peck was my choice for Best Actor in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. And the Academy's too.
Gene Hackman won in the same category for, of all things, THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE. (!!!)
Chaplin won it twice for THE KID and MODERN TIMES.
Henry Fonda got it for FAIL-SAFE.
Cary Grant won it for.......CHARADE.(???)
Robert Duvall got two Supporting Actor wins for MOCKINGBIRD and, of course, APOCALYPSE NOW.
Sean Connery won Best Actor for his superb if little-seen performance in THE HILL.

More stats to come......
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