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Re: Babylon 5: The Gathering/In the Beginning

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^The premise may have been very TNG-esq, but the resolution is something else altogether. I can't see TNG ever going down that road.

...DS9 maybe, but not TNG.
I'm not sure it's really that important and there's no way I'd compare B5 to DS9, the rules of Star Trek post the Prime Directive pretty much guides DS9, Voyager and TNG.

Still though on topic, TNT audiences saw In The Beginning before seeing the rest of the series and it really didn't matter all that much to them.

And I've always thought the way movie moves from Sheridan to Sinclair to be alttle odd. For us long time fans we know who they are and what their roles in the storyline is but Sinclear really doesn't get a proper introduction in the movie nor does the movie tell the viewer what happened to Sheridan.
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