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Re: The bird is out: ENTERPRISE on blu-ray

By the time CBS get to TNG S6, ENT will have come and gone. DS9 will undoubtably be up next. There's a two-parter that year which visited the station, and had Alexander Siddig turn up on the D. So I expect the Digital Restoration team will already be hip deep in film rolls of space station model footage by then.

I expect bean counters have worked out ENT had to be pushed up the schedule, given its outlay is a fraction of that needed to rescan film elements for 80s and 90s Star Trek. Paramount were probably already doing that from the 2000s, storing it as hard drives, before editing and downscaling everything for SD. It probably buys CBS time to look at the rest of TNG and move onto DS9. Padding out the release schedule with ENT.

Wouldn't surprise me if they starting thinking about a Blu ray Animated Series release, and other things to sell, (Director's Edition movies perhaps?) then plough it back into funding enhancing the remaining seasons stuck in SD video.

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